By Kaylee

AlphaFold 3 Expands DNA Modeling by Google DeepMind

08 May 2024

With AlphaFold 3, you can now model and guess the shapes of DNA, RNA, and other chemicals besides proteins.

The new model can simulate how proteins, DNA, RNA, and small molecules interact with each other. This makes it easier to find and create drugs that work better.

AlphaFold 3 was able to accurately identify how proteins bind to DNA 65% of the time, which is a big jump from the previous best performance of 28%.

AlphaFold 3 was 76% accurate at predicting how proteins would combine with small drug-like molecules, which was better than the next best tool, which was only 52% accurate.

AlphaFold 3's new features could speed up progress in areas like disease research, genetics, synthetic biology, and the creation of new medicines, materials, and antibiotics.

DeepMind isn't giving away the whole AlphaFold 3 model, but it is giving researchers a free cloud-based AlphaFold Server that they can use for study purposes only.

Concerns have been made by scientists about the limited access to AlphaFold 3's business features. They want model development to be more open and clear.

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