By Kaylee

7 Things We Know About Helldivers 2 So Far

04-May 2024

New View: Ditch the top-down view! Helldivers 2 throws you in the action with a third-person perspective.

Fresh Missions: No two missions are alike! Procedurally generated planets keep things exciting.

Level Up!: Unlock new gear, ranks, perks, and playstyles with a 50-level progression system.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:Major Orders are large-scale community events for shared goals and rewards.

Warbond is Live: New explosive weapons and armor like thermite grenades and erupting rifles are here!

Cross-Platform Play: Squad up with friends on PC or PS5 to spread democracy (or friendly fire).

Friendly Fire Fun: Helldivers 2 keeps the hilarious (and chaotic) friendly fire from the original game.

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