How to Find a LIFX Light Bulb Address on Mac

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It’s hard to find the MAC address of your LIFX light bulb on your Mac, right? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. Here is a complete guide that will show you two easy ways to quickly Find a LIFX Light Bulb Address on Mac.

How to Find a LIFX Light Bulb Address on Mac

Method 1: Checking the Physical Bulb

If you’d rather do things by hand, you can quickly and easily find the MAC address from the actual bulb.

Step 1: Inspect the Base

Look at the base of your LIFX light bulb very carefully. That’s where the MAC address is written, which is generally called the bulb’s serial number (S/N).

Step 2: Format the MAC Address

The MAC address is usually made up of 12 letters and numbers. Just add a colon (:) after every two digits of the serial number to turn it into a MAC address. The MAC address would be D0:73:D5:12:34:56 if the serial number is D073D5123456.

Method 2: Using Terminal

If you’d rather use a computer, Terminal on your Mac can also help you find the MAC address of your LIFX bulb if it’s linked to your network.

Step 1: Go to the terminal

Open Terminal by going to Applications > Utilities.

Step 2: Run the command

Type the following into Terminal and press “Enter”:arp -a

Step 3: Find the LIFX entry.

Look through the list of devices that the command shows you. You should look for records that start with D0:73:D5, which is a prefix that all LIFX bulbs share.


• If you have more than one LIFX bulb connected, you may need to use their IP addresses or a process of elimination to tell them apart.

• The IP address that goes with the item with the D0:73:D5 prefix will be shown next to it. Though the IP address is helpful, the bulb’s MAC address is what makes it unique.

How to Find a LIFX Light Bulb Address on Mac

Using the Serial Number to Find the LIFX Light Bulb MAC Address

There is a Wi-Fi chip and a unique MAC address in every LIFX bulb. The MAC address is also the bulb’s license number.

The MAC address, which is important for networking, is written on the base of the bulb for easy access. In this case, the MAC address would be D0:71:23:45:67:89 if the serial number is D07123456789.

It is interesting to note that all LIFX lights have the same MAC address prefix, which is D073D5. When the LIFX is being set up, the last six numbers of the MAC address are sent out as part of the network.

About LIFX bulbs are changing the way homes are lit.

With a wide range of smart features that change the way we light our living spaces, LIFX bulbs are a huge step forward in home lighting technology.

These cutting-edge bulbs come with Wi-Fi built in, so you don’t need a separate hub to connect them to your Mac or other devices that are suitable.

Even though their main job is to light up a room, LIFX bulbs are much more flexible thanks to built-in apps and voice helpers like Siri that make it easy to change colors, brightness levels, and schedules.

What makes LIFX lights unique is how well they work with Mac products. Users can easily control their lights and other smart home devices by syncing with Apple HomeKit and using familiar apps like the Home app on macOS.

This close connection with Mac systems makes things easier by making it easier to set patterns, create lighting moods, and sync with other smart home functions directly from the Mac interface.

 LIFX bulbs are a new way to use lighting and technology in situations where you need background lighting for work or rest. They combine form and function to make a home feel better.

Why it’s Important to Find the Bulb Address

Finding a LIFX bulb’s MAC address on a Mac opens up a world of options, letting users get the most out of their smart lighting environment.

With this information, users can easily change the lighting scenes to suit their own tastes by fine-tuning the brightness, color, and scheduling.

Not only is knowing the bulb’s address a technical detail, it’s also a key part of fixing connectivity problems and making sure that the Mac and LIFX lights can talk to each other without any problems.

If a user knows the address of a light bulb, they can make more complex customizations and connect their lighting systems to other smart devices to make automated settings that work well together.

This information opens the door to new ideas like synchronizing lighting with music or setting off certain lighting patterns in reaction to events. This would give users more control over their living spaces and make them more convenient.


It’s easy to find the MAC address of your LIFX light bulb on your Mac, whether you use Terminal or look at the bulb itself. Getting the MAC address is easy if you follow the steps in this guide. This will make networking faster and easier.


Q: How do I find my LIFX IP address?

A: You can find the IP address of your LIFX bulb in two main ways:
LIFX App: If you’ve already set up your LIFX bulb with the official app, the IP address may show up in the app options under “bulb information.”
How the router works: Go to the manager panel on your Wi-Fi router and log in. There should be an area called “Attached Devices,” “DHCP Clients,” or something similar. Your LIFX bulb should be on the list of devices that are linked to your network. Most likely, the list will show both the IP address and the gadget name or MAC address.

Q: How do I find my LIFX bulb code?

A: Usually, LIFX lights don’t have different codes for each one. During setup, the app should be able to find the bulb. If the bulb and phone won’t join, make sure they are both on the same Wi-Fi network.

Q: How do I make my LIFX bulb discoverable?

A: Most of the time, you don’t have to do anything special to make your LIFX bulb visible. When you set up the LIFX app, the bulb should be able to find it as long as it is powered on and in range of your Wi-Fi network.

Q: What do I do if I lost my LIFX code?

A: As we already said, LIFX lights don’t usually have unique codes. If you can’t get a bulb you set up before to work again, try resetting it according to the LIFX directions. This usually involves power cycling it a certain number of times. That’s it! The link will be erased, and you can set it up again through the LIFX app.

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