How to Change Your Business Hours on Google Business Profile

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As a business owner, you must tell your clients of your operating hours if you want to keep their loyalty and level of satisfaction. People in the midst of the digital revolution mainly rely on the internet for information, including business hours. How annoying would it be to visit a store and discover that it is closed even though the internet indicated otherwise? This post will discuss How to Change Your Business Hours on Google Business Profile and offer a comprehensive how-to guide for making the necessary changes. You may improve the online consumer experience and increase the exposure of your business by making sure that your online presence accurately matches your actual operation hours.

The Importance of Updating Your Business Hours on Your Google Business Profile

In today’s society, individuals heavily depend on the internet to get a wide range of information, including the operating hours of businesses. This not only offers people convenience, but it also serves as a deterrent for them to contact or visit your business during non-operating hours.

Customers typically get your business’s hours of operation by searching for your business on Google Search or Google Maps. In order to revise this information, it is necessary to update your Google My Business data, as this will impact the specific details that are presented.

Significance of Regularly Updating Business Hours

Maintaining up-to-date business hours is essential for various reasons. Firstly, it guarantees that prospective clients may depend on precise information when organizing their visit. No one desires to arrive at a shop that is closed or make a phone call outside of operational hours. By modifying your company hours, you enhance the consumer experience, increasing satisfaction and fostering loyalty. Additionally, ensuring that the hours listed on your profile are precise will also enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) endeavors.

Google places high importance on precise and uniform information, since it can have a beneficial effect on your ranks in local search results. Take a brief moment to access your Google business profile and revise your business hours. Completing this modest step can result in substantial advantages for your company’s reputation and internet presence.

How to Change Your Google My Business Hours

1. Access your Google business account by logging in. After successfully logging into your account, locate and click on the nine dots located in the upper right corner of your Google account interface.

2. Select the option labeled “Business Profile.” You will have the ability to view your Google business listing.

3. Select the option “Edit profile.”

4. When a pop-up window emerges, select the option labeled “Hours”. You have the ability to modify the specific days and hours during which you are accessible. In addition, you have the option to mark the checkbox for the days when your firm is not operational. Click the Save button.

The “Holiday hours” feature allows you to modify the operating hours of your business to accommodate holidays throughout the year. In addition, you have the option to include an additional date and specify the operating hours or mark it as closed.

6. If you approve of the modifications, select the Save option.

Certain revisions to your Google My Business page are automated, while other modifications, particularly those involving the removal of material, may need up to 60 days to take effect. Additionally, it is important to note that there are specific elements on your Google My Business listing that are immutable, such as reviews and ratings.

About Google My Business

Google My Business, now referred to as Google Business Profile, is a complimentary instrument that enables business proprietors to generate a personalized profile that is shown in Google Search and Maps outcomes. Businesses can utilize this feature to incorporate images of their products and services, publish promotions, address client feedback, and access performance analytics. Establishing a Google Business Profile is crucial for enhancing exposure on Google, building reputation through reviews, and disseminating business information to clients.

Other Tips for Updating Your Business Information

• Configure happy hour settings on your Google business profile. If your business provides a happy hour, you can also establish one here. The happy hours are located adjacent to the holiday hours. You have the ability to establish the specific days and hours during which you provide reduced prices for beverages and appetizers. Click the Save button once you have finished configuring your happy hour settings.

Please ensure that you update any essential information on your other business keys. In addition to modifying business hours, it may be necessary to revise your business location or business name, if appropriate. By doing so, your clients will be promptly notified of any alterations to your business when they search for your business on the internet. If you intend to change your business name, you may consider adding a parenthesis to reflect the previous name of your business. This will help avoid any confusion.

•Remember to regularly update your website and other listings. When altering your business hours on Google My Business, it is important to ensure that you also change them on any other platforms where they are posted. Take into account alternative directories where you might have included this information, such as Yelp, Facebook, and Foursquare. By implementing this approach, clients will have clear and accurate information about the availability and methods of conducting business with you, no matter where they encounter your presence, regardless of the prevailing circumstances.


To summarize, ensuring that you regularly update your business hours on Google My Business is a straightforward yet crucial responsibility that can yield substantial advantages for your organization. By ensuring that your clients have access to precise information regarding your operating hours, you can better their overall experience and strengthen your online presence. Ensure you additionally revise your information on various platforms and directories to effectively expand your reach to a broader audience.


Q: How do I change my business opening hours on Google?

A: You may conveniently modify your business operating hours by accessing your Google Business Profile. Presented below is a concise and informative manual:

Q: Log in to your Google Business Profile.

Click on the “Info” option in the menu and then select “Hours.”
To modify your standard working hours, utilize the dropdown menus provided for each day.
If you have varying hours for specific dates such as holidays or events, you can establish “Special Hours” by choosing the day and inputting the updated hours.
Preserve your modifications.

Q: Why do my business hours on Google keep changing?

A: Your hours on Google may be wrong due to several reasons:
An edit was proposed: Google permits users to propose edits to company listings. An erroneous recommendation may have been authorized.
Obsolete data: Verify if you have previously altered your hours on another platform that provides data to Google Maps.
Occasionally, there may be a duplicate listing for your business that contains incorrect operating hours.

Q: Can you set Google business hours by appointment?

A: At present, the Google Business Profile does not have a specific feature for setting “by appointment only” hours. Nevertheless, you can attain a comparable outcome by displaying your operating hours as “Closed” and incorporating a remark in your description indicating the availability of appointments. An other option is to utilize the “Q&A” section to provide instructions on how clients can arrange appointments.

Q: How do I edit my Google business website?

A: The Google Business Profile does not serve as a direct hosting platform for your website. This feature enables you to establish a connection between your current website and your profile. To modify the content of your website, you must either access your website’s content management system (CMS) or get in touch with your web developer.

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